What is Suresmile and How Does it Compare to Traditional Orthodontics?

Back in 2007, Drs. Rathburn and Stewart began using a technology that would come to revolutionize our office and other offices across the globe—SureSmile. What is SureSmile and how has it helped us develop as orthodontists? Let’s dig in.

Traditional Orthodontics vs. SureSmile

To understand SureSmile, it’s best to describe how traditional orthodontics works first. In a traditional approach, braces are placed on the teeth and we spend the initial part of treatment “leveling and aligning” (i.e. straightening). Depending on how crowded the teeth are this could be a quick or a longer process. Once the teeth are straight, we may have patients wear rubber bands while we begin what’s called “detailing.”

Usually, this involves us looking for any remaining errors in the alignment of the teeth, marking the wire, and then using orthodontic pliers to make subtle bends in the wire to help move the teeth. This is where the “art” of orthodontics comes into play. Unfortunately, there is some inefficiency in this method; if a bend is too big or too small, a tooth may move too much or too little. And as orthodontists, we have always sought ways to improve our efficiency.

The SureSmile Difference

SureSmile leverages handheld 3D scanning technology to make a digital model of your teeth and oral anatomy. This scan is then uploaded into the SureSmile software to create the blueprint for your orthodontic treatment journey. Each tooth’s trajectory is planned in detail, taking the time and guesswork out of the process.

This technology helps optimize the full spectrum of orthodontic services, whether you opt for traditional metal braces, hidden braces, ceramic braces or clear aligners. With SureSmile, we can also see the roots of the teeth and the bone that surrounds them more accurately, which is very important in orthodontic treatment planning.

At Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists, every patient is treated with SureSmile. We don’t pick and choose because this technology truly helps us improve our skills and level of care.

SureSmile for Braces

Traditional teeth straightening methods have typically involved metal, ceramic, or hidden braces. All three involve some level of “eyeballing”—in which the orthodontist assesses the situation and makes judgment calls. Now, we can use SureSmile scans to guide us from the beginning, and they come in especially handy in the aforementioned detailing phase:

Once the teeth have been generally aligned, another SureSmile digital model of the teeth is created, with the brackets on. The orthodontist then uses this information to digitally move the teeth into the ideal final position. From there, a fully customized archwire is bent by a robotic arm (at labs in Dallas and Germany) and sent back to the orthodontist. We then place the wire so the teeth can move more predictably to their final position. No wire bending, no more wasted time, and better patient outcomes.

In fact, SureSmile straightens teeth up to 40% faster than traditional braces. Now, moving the teeth is less of an “art” and more of a science.

Check out the SureSmile wire-bending robot in action!

What are SureSmile Clear Aligners?

Similarly to traditional braces, we use the SureSmile 3D scanning technology to create custom-fit removable aligners for teeth straightening. These aligners are virtually invisible, transparent, and removable, making them a popular choice or an attractive option for those who want to avoid the look of traditional braces.

Unlike traditional braces that rely on wires and brackets, clear teeth aligners are made with visible plastic materials and can be worn for 18-22 hours daily. Since they are removable, patients can eat and drink anything and have an easier time with brushing and flossing. Most patients also experience less discomfort. Best of all, we make our SureSmile clear aligners in-office so we can pass along cost and time savings to our patients.

How do SureSmile Clear Aligners Work?

First, we leverage our SureSmile scanning technology to make a perfect 3D mold of your teeth—which we use to plan and create the ideal shape and number of clear aligners for your straightening journey.

The SureSmile clear teeth aligners are a custom-made series of plastic that works by placing moderate and controlled pressure on the teeth, causing them to shift into position. They don’t need wires and brackets like in traditional braces. Instead, the smooth plastic of the aligners lies flush against your teeth. You’ll move to your next set of aligners every one to two weeks as you progress through treatment.


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