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SureSmile Braces and Aligners

State of the Art Kids Braces

SureSmile is a cutting-edge system for kids braces that makes achieving a straight smile more accurate than ever before! SureSmile kids braces are the next generation of orthodontic treatment, using technology that makes the tooth-straightening process more precise and faster than traditional braces.

Next-level kids braces

SureSmile braces start with a 3D computer-generated model of the patient’s teeth. This 3D model is used to map out the precise movements of each tooth throughout the course of braces treatment.

Using the 3D model, the SureSmile robots custom-create individual arch wires that efficiently and gently move the teeth into proper position for a beautifully straight smile according to the treatment plan, which is custom-designed by the orthodontist.

SureSmile options

SureSmile offers a few different options for kids braces, including:

  • Traditional Braces – Metal braces are the most common version of kids braces. Traditional metal braces are capable of treating a broad variety of orthodontic issues from crooked teeth to improper jaw alignment.
  • Low-Visibility Braces – Low-visibility braces are like traditional metal braces, except the brackets are made of tooth-colored material so they blend in with the natural teeth.
  • Lingual (Hidden) Braces – Lingual braces, also known as hidden braces, are situated behind the teeth, making them “hidden” from view. The arch wires and brackets are worn behind the teeth, pulling the teeth into proper position just like traditional kids braces.
  • Clear Aligners – SureSmile clear aligners are made of clear plastic and are worn over the teeth like a retainer. The aligners are designed so that they move the teeth into proper position over the course of treatment, with each new set of aligners moving the teeth a little more. The great thing about clear aligners is that they’re removable, so patients don’t have to change what they each while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

SureSmile technology makes kids braces more precise than ever

The SureSmile system harnesses the power of space-age technology to create the most precise and accurate orthodontic treatment system on the market today.

The 3D scan gives the orthodontist a perfectly accurate picture of each patient’s unique anatomy. Not only does this 3D scan offer the orthodontist a precise picture of teeth, but it means we don’t have to use the old-school goopy liquid teeth mold that everyone hates!

With the 3D model, the orthodontist will be able to see the exact location of each tooth. Then, using the SureSmile Treatment Planning software, the orthodontist will do a virtual simulation of the movement of the teeth, mapping out each tooth’s journey into its proper position efficiently and quickly.

Robotic-shaped arch wires

One of SureSmile’s most amazing features is its robotically shaped arch wires. The arch wires are the powerhouses of the kids braces process, repositioning the teeth by gently pulling them into position. With SureSmile, the arch wires are shaped by robots, for an accuracy of 1/10 mm – which would be impossible with human hands!

SureSmile braces are faster than regular kid braces

With the built-in accuracy and efficiency of SureSmile kids braces, it simply doesn’t take as long for teeth to move into their correct positions. SureSmile kids braces straighten teeth up to 40% faster than traditional braces!

Patients also need fewer visits to our office over the course of treatment, as the robotically shaped arch wires need fewer adjustments compared to traditional braces.

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