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How does the Carriere Motion Appliance work?

Carriere Motion Appliance

The Carriere Motion Appliance attaches to the canine tooth and first molar on each side of the mouth on the outside of the teeth. A strong dental glue keeps them affixed to the teeth during treatment. An elastic is placed on a tooth in the opposing arch.

The appliance puts light pressure on the molars and the canine teeth, moving them together at the same time. This pressure helps to correct a misaligned bite in the back teeth.

Modes of Aligning Teeth:

How long does Carriere Motion Appliance treatment take?

Most patients wear the Carriere Motion Appliance for about six months. It is imperative to wear the retainer and elastics for 20 to 22 hours every single day, or else the appliance will not do its job as intended. Not properly wearing the elastics can lead to treatment that lasts longer than six months and delays the beginning of braces or aligners treatment.

What does the Carriere Motion Appliance do?

The Carriere Motion Appliance helps align mis-aligned back teeth before braces or Invisalign treatment begins. The Carriere Motion Appliance moves the upper and lower teeth for a more aligned bite. By aligning the bite before the transition to braces or aligners, total treatment time can be greatly reduced.

The Carriere Motion Appliance can be used instead of the Herbst appliance or headgear. It may also be used in place of complicated bite alignment surgery.

How do I clean the Carriere Motion Appliance?

With the Carriere Motion Appliance, you can brush and floss as normal. No additional cleaning measures are required. Do take extra care to clean around the anchors on the canine teeth, molars and anchors.

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Does it hurt to wear a Carriere Motion Appliance?

When you first have the Carriere Motion Appliance installed, there may be some slight discomfort in the cheek as your mouth becomes accustomed to the appliance and elastics. This discomfort should disappear in about a week.

The molars and canine teeth that are attached to the appliance may experience mild soreness as they start to move. Over-the-counter pain relievers may be taken to increase your comfort.

Will people notice my appliance?

The Carriere Motion Appliance is hardly noticeable in the mouth because of its aesthetically pleasing design. Unlike many other types of orthodontics appliances, the Carriere Motion Appliance will not interfere with your ability to speak.

Can I customize my Carriere?

Yes! The Carriere Motion Appliance comes in 30 fun colors. Who says orthodontic appliances have to be boring?

How often do I need to change the elastics on my Carriere Motion Appliance?

You’ll need to change your elastics 2-3 times a day, or at least after every meal. Remember to always wear your retainer with the elastics. Wearing the elastics without the retainer can have an adverse effect on the alignment of your teeth.

How do I clean my retainer?

Your retainer should be cleaned with regular dish soap and water. Always put the retainer in its storage case when you’re not using it. Never put it in a napkin while you’re eating. It’s too easy to throw away when it’s hidden in a napkin!

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