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General Orthodontic Services offered
with Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists:

Initial exams to evaluate if you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment

Diagnostic imaging ; ability to simulate your actual needs prior to actual treatment

Very Careful, Interdisciplinary planning with specialists needed to execute specific plans

Digital Scanning to prevent Impressions, gives more precise detail


SureSmile is an advanced orthodontic system that helps make straightening teeth significantly more precise than every before! SureSmile is unlike conventional orthodontic treatments in that it starts with a 3D computer generated model of your teeth. This allows our orthodontists to plan movements for each tooth individually throughout your entire experience wearing braces. After the 3D model is complete, SureSmile robots customize individual braces to fit your treatment plan.


Fast, convenient, and comfortable, Invisalign gently moves your teeth into the correct position without cramping your style. Invisalign aligners are completely clear, so your smile is uninterrupted for the entire course of treatment. Also, they’re removable, allowing you to eat what you want and Invisalign treatment can take as little as 6 months!


Expanders are a common part of orthodontic treatment. What an expander does is gradually widen your child’s upper jaw to create more room for their emerging adult teeth. This is painless and general takes place over a few months. We offer several different kinds of expanders, and we’ll help you choose the right option for your child’s unique needs.


Habit Appliance

Tongue thrusting and thumb sucking are a normal part of childhood. But when they go on too long, they can adversely affect your child’s healthy oral development. Habit appliances help your child break these bad habits in a painless, drama-free way that parents love. Habit appliances gently and subtly discourage your child from tongue thrusting and/or thumb sucking, preventing the damage these habits can cause to growing smiles.


Carriere Motion Appliance

The Carriere Motion Appliance helps align mis-aligned back teeth before braces or Invisalign treatment begins. The Carriere Motion Appliance moves the upper and lower teeth for a more aligned bite. By aligning the bite before the transition to braces or aligners, total treatment time can be greatly reduced.


Herbst Appliance

The Herbst Appliance can help correct an overbite by helping the lower jaw grow in a forward direction, while at the same time pushing the upper jaw slightly back. As your child wears the appliance, it gently encourages the child’s upper and lower jaws to grow together. The Herbst Appliance puts an upward-and-back force on the upper jaw and puts a forward force on the lower jaw, slowly correcting an overbite by bringing the upper and lower jaws together.


Dentofacial Orthopedics

It requires several additional years of training upon completion of dental school. The practice of dentofacial orthopedics involves guiding facial growth and development. Often times this treatment begins during childhood and can proceed with the use of braces.

Our doctors are skilled in orthodontics as well as dentofacial orthopedics! This allows us the opportunity to diagnose and address any misalignments with the teeth, jaws and even facial structure.



To provide you with the best possible orthodontic products as quickly, accurately, and affordably as possible, Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists is proud to offer EnvisionTEC, a cutting-edge 3D printing technology that helps improve the design and production process of oral appliances.


Sleep Apnea

Keeping the whole family up with loud snoring? Waking up gasping for breath in the middle of the night? You may have sleep apnea – a potentially dangerous sleep disorder that makes you stop breathing for erratic episodes while sleeping. Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists can help.



Aching, clicking jaw making it hard to eat and sleep comfortably? You may have TMJ – a common condition that affects as many as 10 million Americans. At Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists, we offer several different treatments for TMJ that help reduce pain, realign the jaw, and protect the delicate functioning of the temporomandibular joint.

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