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Help: My child lost a baby tooth but the adult tooth isn’t coming in!

The tooth fairy visited your house months ago, but your child’s permanent tooth still hasn’t made an appearance. Should you be worried? If your child has lost a baby tooth and the permanent tooth hasn’t come in after several months, there’s more than likely not a serious problem. This situation is actually quite common, and […]

Can children get Invisalign

When it’s time to get started on your child’s orthodontic treatment, you might be wondering, “Which is better – braces or Invisalign?” Without meeting your child in person, we can’t tell you which one is right for your child. So we put together this comparative list to help you weigh your options for your child’s […]

Why does my child have white spots on their teeth?

That precious face – there’s no more beautiful site in the entire world. From a baby’s gummy smile to a graduation picture beaming with pride, our children’s smiles always warm our hearts like nothing else. So we pay close attention when something seems “off” about their developing teeth. One question we hear again and again […]

How to avoid staining with braces

It’s the big day – time to get your braces off! Your orthodontist takes off the brackets, you turn to the mirror and see… oh no. It looks like someone just took the pictures off the wall in an old, old house. Stains! This is a nightmare we don’t want any of our Atlanta patients […]

5 Tips for teaching your child to floss

Your child can finally brush his or her teeth – congrats! All the hard work you put into teaching the proper brushing is finally paying off. Next up, it’s time to tackle teaching your child to floss. Though flossing can be tricky for little hands, it’s critical to teach your child to floss early so […]

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