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How Flossing Affects Health

Flossing – Good for more than your teeth! Flossing is the overachieving little brother of brushing that doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. Not only is flossing good for preventing cavities, but it also has a long list of other benefits that many people don’t even know about! If you skip flossing because you […]

When to see a Doctor about your Wisdom Teeth

Should I get my wisdom teeth removed? Wisdom teeth removal is almost a rite of passage for teenagers and has been for generations. But not everyone actually needs to have their wisdom teeth out! Should you get your wisdom teeth removed? Only an orthodontist or oral surgeon can tell you for sure, but here’s the […]

Breaking Bad Habits with Appliances

Does your child have bad oral habits, like thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting? If so, you should know that there are painless ways to help your child to break those bad habits—and have better, stronger teeth as a result. If you’re at your wit’s end in trying to break these habits on your own, maybe it’s time […]

The Stress of Teeth-grinding (Bruxism)

  You walk past your pre-teen’s room and hear an unusual noise. You step closer to the door and listen more carefully: It’s a grinding or clenching sound, like a machine is working overtime in your child’s mouth. What’s going on, and why might it cause orthodontic problems as your child grows older? A stressful […]

Is it safe to go to the orthodontist during COVID?

We’re open again! Shutting down our orthodontic offices for COVID was necessary to keep our staff and patients safe, but we sure did miss seeing all of your smiling faces in the office. Now that we’re taking patients again, many people are asking “Is it safe to go to the orthodontist during COVID?” So we […]

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