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Should my child get fluoride treatments?

You’d do anything to keep them smiling — and that means taking care of the smile itself! Next time your child is seeing the dentist, you may be asked if you’d like to have a topical fluoride treatment applied to your child’s teeth. With fluoride in toothpaste and most municipal water supplies, is a fluoride treatment at the dentist really necessary for your child?

How to deal with a dental emergency on vacation

Spring Break is here! If that means you’ll be hitting the beach, heading to the mountains, or traveling to your favorite vacation destination, you’ve probably gotten everything ready … or so you think. Nobody wants to think about the possibility that their out-of-town fun could be derailed by a dental emergency, but it does happen! But when you’re hundreds of miles from our office, what should you do?

7 Things that cause crooked teeth

Ever wonder why your teeth aren’t naturally straight? Humans are the only species on Earth that commonly experiences misaligned teeth, which makes the condition even more thought-provoking.

What Causes an Impacted Tooth

At our orthodontic offices in Atlanta, we often see patients who have impacted teeth – and most don’t even know it! Braces are one of the many ways to treat an impacted tooth and give it space to move into the correct position. In this article, we’ll be showing you what an impacted tooth is, what causes an impacted tooth, and how they’re treated.

Top 5 Questions About Braces in Sandy Springs

Thinking about getting braces in Sandy Springs? You’ve probably got some questions. We help patients all over the Atlanta metro area including Sandy Springs, Virginia Highlands, and College Park get the straight, gorgeous smiles they want with braces.