Loving the Smile You Wear

Smiling woman

A smile can say a lot of things about a person.

Besides being a confidence booster, smiling increases your immune system, relieves stress, and can help you get in front of people in the event of a promotion. Since a beautiful smile is a key component of so much of life, it makes sense to take care of those pearly whites starting at a young age. In fact, good dental hygiene starts before a child’s first tooth ever appears!

When teeth first start pushing through the gums, be sure to brush with an infant toothbrush and a tiny bit of fluoride toothpaste. A good rule of thumb is when a child’s teeth begin to touch, start flossing! Supervise children who are younger than eight as they are likely to swallow toothpaste as they’re learning to brush and spit out the toothpaste.

Some kids have either an overbite or underbite as they grow up and will need braces. Some of this is due to losing baby teeth too quickly or bad habits like sucking on their thumb. At an annual dental appointment, your dentist will be the first to notice a problem with teeth whether teeth are crowded or too spaced out. There isn’t a set age for braces, and some people even have them when they’re adults! Visiting a dental professional for an evaluation will help you decide when the best time to visit the orthodontic office. Around the age of seven is a good starting point although most people will not need treatment starting then.

A great smile lasts for years to come. Apart from looking great, smiling encourages more people to trust you and engages people with what you’re saying. People like it when others smile since they appear warm, kind, and more approachable than those who don’t smile. Like mentioned earlier, smiling enhances your overall health by releasing endorphins that can improve your mood!

Preparing for good oral hygiene starting young will boost the chances of developing a bright and beautiful smile. Of all the things you’re able to put on, being able to wear a wonderful smile is by far the most outstanding.

As orthodontists, we love our ability to help people improve their smiles. Come see us anytime for an evaluation!