Top 4 Ways to Help Your Children Take Care of Their Teeth

parents and children brushing

Oral health begins at a young age and carries with us into adulthood. When it comes to educating kids about their teeth, the struggle comes with kids understanding the importance of taking special care of their teeth and how their oral health affects them in the long run! When it comes to educating and taking care of your child’s pearly whites, here are our top four ways, with input from children’s dentists, to help.

Lead By Example

That’s right – make it interactive. Kids learn by others showing them how to do activities, and brushing along with flossing is no different. Take five minutes after meals to demonstrate proper brushing technique, to floss adequately between teeth, and don’t forget to make it fun. Maybe make up a rhyme about how to keep your teeth healthy.

Give Them Control

Once it’s time to graduate to a “big kid toothbrush” load up the car and head to the grocery store. Take a little stroll down the toothpaste and toothbrush aisle and let your child pick out something they love. By giving your child a choice in a color, size, or taste they like, you’re giving reign to them getting excited about something important.

Learn About Foods

By learning which foods are better for teeth than others, you’ll be able to teach both about healthy teeth and healthy bodies. Educating them about how sugar, sodas, fruit juices, pasta, potato chips, and many more should be eaten sparingly and brushing regularly will help build knowledge.

Reward System

Think about how a reward system might be beneficial! Whether it be small (like stickers on a poster) or a little bigger (a new toy at the end of the month if they brush and floss everyday), having healthy motivators will push a child towards excellence as they take on the extra responsibility of oral health.

But don’t forget that children are still in the process of learning how to effectively care for their teeth. Incorporating fluoride treatment for teeth can provide your child with the strong defense they require to tackle cavities while they continue to learn proper dental care techniques.


Proper education will take a child far, and brushing and flossing everyday is no different. By giving them the key to success starting young, you’re preparing them for a bright and sparkly future.