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What is Suresmile and How Does it Compare to Traditional Orthodontics?

Back in 2007, Drs. Rathburn and Stewart began using a technology that would come to revolutionize our office and other offices across the globe – Suresmile. What is Suresmile and how has it helped us develop as orthodontists? Well, there’s a lot so buckle up! Perhaps it’s best to describe how traditional orthodontics works first […]

What’s So Special About AOS?

Okay, Okay – I know I am way behind schedule but here goes! What’s So Special About AOS? It’s always tough to “toot your own horn” as they say. We try to let the way we treat our patients and our results speak for themselves. We know and respect many other orthodontists all across Atlanta […]

When Are “Early Braces” Needed?

Why Do I See So Many Young Kids With Braces on Nowadays? We get this question a lot. It seems that every child is being recommended for orthodontic treatment at earlier and earlier ages. Not only that, but then they are having to get braces again when they are older! To break this down, it […]

When Does My Child Need To Come See The Orthodontist?

  All you need to do is a quick Google search and you will see: “According to the American Academy of Orthodontists (AAO), your child should see the orthodontist no later than age 7.” Seems pretty early right? If your child is 7 or older and hasn’t come to see us yet….RELAX – no need […]

So Why Do We Need Orthodontic Treatment Anyways?!

Hey look, it’s a fair question. After all, (at least to my knowledge) lack of braces never killed anyone. The same can’t be said unfortunately due to lack of general dental treatment. Orthodontic treatment itself wasn’t actually “invented” as we know it today until the 1890’s by Dr. Edward Angle and luckily, it has come […]

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