5 Simple Steps to Choosing a SureSmile Orthodontist

Dentist specializing in SureSmile

Choosing a SureSmile orthodontist is a big decision! After all, not only are you going to have to see this person on a regular basis, but their expertise is going to make a big difference in your long-term satisfaction with your smile. So what do you need to know when choosing a SureSmile orthodontist? Read on to find out.

1. Start with a Google search 

Not every orthodontist is authorized to use the SureSmile system for braces and clear aligners. If you’re looking specifically for a SureSmile orthodontist, start with a Google search for “SureSmile orthodontists near me” or “SureSmile in Atlanta” so you don’t waste time talking to orthodontists who can’t deliver what you want!

2. Check reviews 

Now that you’ve found the “big list” of orthodontists that offer SureSmile in your area, it’s time to start narrowing them down. The first step is checking reviews. Check on Google, Facebook and each orthodontist’s website to see what their current and former patients are saying about their experiences. Not all SureSmile orthodontists are created equal. Look for ones with lots of happy patients, and you’re more likely to be satisfied with your treatment, too.

3. Consider convenience 

SureSmile treatment can take several months, and you’ll have multiple appointments during that time. If you can find an orthodontist near your home, work, school, or another place that you frequently visit or can get to easily, that will make your orthodontic treatment that much easier on you. Consider not only distance, but traffic, especially here in Atlanta.

4. Meet potential SureSmile orthodontists in person 

First impressions matter. How many times have you met a person and instantly knew that you liked them … or didn’t? Meeting a potential orthodontist in person before you commit to undergoing treatment with them is a great way to make sure you feel comfortable in the office and confident in your orthodontist. If you walk in and get a bad feeling, trust it and look elsewhere.

5. Ask the right questions 

Choosing the right orthodontist is about more than finding someone you like personally. You’ll want to ask important questions during your initial consult to make sure your orthodontist has the experience and the skills to give you the top-quality treatment you deserve. Some questions to ask include:

  • How long have you worked with SureSmile?
  • How many SureSmile patients have you treated?
  • Have any of your SureSmile patients been dissatisfied with their experience?

Choosing an orthodontist is a big decision

Don’t be swayed by marketing tricks and discount services—not all SureSmile orthodontists are created equal. When you take the right steps to find a SureSmile orthodontist that fits you perfectly, your treatment will go more smoothly and ultimately, you’ll be happier with your results.

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