Don’t let braces spoil your romantic Valentine’s Day

Braces and Valentines Day

Cupid is gearing up for his big day on Feb. 14, and you gotta be ready, too. If you’re spending the evening with your special someone at a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, you may be wondering if your braces could spoil the mood. Not to worry! With a little pre-planning, you can have a blissful evening of candlelight romance with your sweetheart and your braces, too!

1. Pick from the menu carefully 

There’s nothing romantic about breaking a bracket at your Valentine’s Day dinner. When choosing your meal from the menu, remember to avoid foods that are on the “no” list for braces, such as nuts, sticky foods, crusty bread, and crunchy foods like raw carrots.

That sounds like a bummer, but you’ve still got a ton of options for your dinner selection that are both delicious and safe for braces. Soups, pasta, Caesar salads (skip the croutons), chicken, seafood, and most cooked veggies (except for corn on the cob, which, let’s admit isn’t exactly romantic, anyway) are fine!

As for dessert, again, remember to stay away from nuts, sticky toffee or caramel, and anything else that could potentially cause you to break a bracket. Cakes, cheesecake, brownies (without nuts), strawberry shortcake, and fruit pies are all safe for your braces.

2. If you can’t choose, cut 

Sometimes Valentine’s dinner means splitting a meal with a large group of friends, and you won’t have as much control over what’s on the menu. In the event that you find yourself presented with foods on the “no” list, you may be able to keep your braces safe by cutting those foods into small pieces if you’re not able to avoid them at all.

3. Bring an interdental brush and toothbrush to the restaurant 

At the end of your big date, you want to be left with butterflies in your stomach, not spinach in your teeth! Make sure to stash an interdental brush, a toothbrush, and some toothpaste in your jacket or purse when you go to the restaurant.

After your meal, excuse yourself to the restroom for a quick teeth cleaning. It’s just so easy for food particles to get stuck in and around your braces  that his step is key not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

4. Watch out for what’s in your box of chocolates 

Life is like a box of chocolates – what’s inside can make you break a bracket if you’re not careful! Before diving into your after-dinner chocolates, make sure you know what’s inside each one. Avoid any with nuts, caramel, or toffee. Regular truffles are soft and should be find to eat with braces. Just remember to brush afterward!

You don’t have to let braces stand in the way of a romantic evening 

Sometimes, wearing braces can feel like a drag. But with a little planning, you can have a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with your special someone without worrying that you might break a bracket. With a little time and patience, on your next Valentine’s Day, you can wear your gorgeous new smile to dinner, and it’ll all be worth it!