Buckhead teens are opting for Invisalign. Here’s why…

teenagers using Invisalign dental appliance

Move over, braces. More and more teens in Buckhead and throughout the country are turning to Invisalign to straighten their teeth. Invisalign helps teens maintain their style (a MUST) while achieving a straight smile that will help them open doors both personally and professionally in the adult world. Here’s why more teens in Buckhead are choosing Invisalign:

1. Invisalign doesn’t cramp teens’ style 

Braces are cute … if all your friends have them. But teens that are getting braces a little later than their peers may feel self-conscious to be wearing obvious metal or ceramic braces while all their friends are already enjoying their straight, adult smiles. Confidence in the way they look is the No. 1 reason teens opt for Invisalign over braces.

Unlike metal or ceramic braces, Invisalign is invisible! That means teens can straighten their teeth without cramping their style. Invisalign fits into it perfectly, because Invisalign doesn’t stand out.

2. Teens are mature enough for Invisalign 

The benefit of waiting to have their teeth straightened is that teens are good candidates for Invisalign, because they are mature enough to handle the responsibility of wearing, cleaning, and keeping up with Invisalign aligners.

We typically do not recommend Invisalign for children because they typically lack the maturity to handle Invisalign aligners. They’re more likely to take them out and lose them, leaving them on a lunch tray at school or accidentally throwing them away with after-meal trash. Teens, however, are mature enough to handle the responsibility of wearing and caring for their aligners.

3. Invisalign is faster than braces 

Teens have a lot going on. From school to friends to hobbies and extracurriculars, teen lives are busy! And with high school or even college graduation looming, teens want to get their teeth straightening process done ASAP.

Invisalign is faster than traditional braces, straightening teeth in as little as six months. Compared to wearing braces for 2+ years, Invisalign is the obvious choice for teens who are ready to get their teeth straightening done so they can move on to the next phase of their journey with confidence!

4. Health-conscious teeth love that Invisalign doesn’t interfere with eating  

Teens are famous for the appetites. The teen body is growing and going through so many changes, it needs a variety of healthy nutritional sources to sustain all it has to do in a day. Fortunately, Invisalign for kids doesn’t get in the way of teens eating their favorite healthy foods.

As you may already know, living with braces means avoiding foods that are sticky or crunchy, which could cause a bracket to come loose and necessitate an emergency trip to the orthodontist. Foods like caramel apples, toffee, popcorn, apples, nuts, and crunchy vegetables are just a few of the foods that are not allowed when you’re wearing braces.

But for teens with Invisalign, nothing is off limits! Invisalign aligners are removable, so teens can simply slip their aligners off at meals and enjoy all the foods they like. For active, busy teens, this is a real lifesaver. They already have so much on their plates, and with Invisalign, they can have anything they want to eat on their plate, too!

Want to know more about Invisalign? 

Contact Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists today. If you’re a teen or the parent of a teen who’s interested in Invisalign, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you make the choice that’s right for you.