Sneaky Cavity-Causing Foods

foods that can cause cavities

Another visit to the dentist or orthodontist, and yet another cavity! How does this keep happening? After all, your child brushes and flosses just like we’ve shown them here at Atlanta Orthodontic Specliaists because brushing and flossing takes a little more effort and ingenuity while you’re wearing braces. But try as you might, your child is still getting cavities. Why?

Could sneaky cavity-causing foods be to blame? Maybe so. Some foods are notorious for causing cavities even when your child is brushing and flossing just as prescribed. Check your kid’s favorite foods list for these offenders, and you may just find the cavity culprit.

1. Crackers 

We don’t think of crackers as sweet, but the truth is that they are full of carbs that get diverted into sugars by your digestive system. That sugar then feeds the bacteria in your mouth just like eating a candy bar. Also, crackers break down into tiny little particles that can hide around the corners of brackets and in between teeth, making them hard to brush and floss away.

2. Raisins 

Every mom’s favorite “healthy snack” is packed full of fiber and vitamins to keep young bodies growing strong. Unfortunately, they’re also packed with sugar that feeds cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth, PLUS they’re notoriously sticky and can be hard to clean away from the crevices in the teeth and around braces.

3. Diet soda 

Sugar-free sodas should be safe for teeth, right? Well, not exactly. Though diet sodas don’t have cavity-causing sugar, they are highly acidic. Any type of acidic food like soda (even diet), citrus juices, and sour candies can make the tooth enamel weak and porous – making it easier for bacteria to create cavities in the now-softened enamel.

4. Ketchup 

Ketchup combines the two worst cavity-causing catalysts — sugar and acid — into a hidden cavity-causing food that kids love to put on just about anything. If you can, choose ketchup without added sugar.

5. Pickles 

On a burger, on the side, or a giant pickle straight from the jar at your favorite roller skating rink, nothing says “party” like a pickle. The acid that gives pickles their tart flavor is awful for the teeth, creating soft spots in the enamel where cavities can form.

So am I just supposed to stop my child from eating their favorite foods? 

No! Life is meant to be enjoyed, and we’d never want to deprive our patients of the foods they love most. Instead, we recommend that patients get to know the foods that can secretly cause cavities and enjoy them in moderation. It’s also helpful to brush, floss, or at least rinse with water directly after eating one of these secret cavity-causing foods.

Want to know more about protecting your child’s teeth from cavities while they’re undergoing braces treatment? 

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