Tips for Back to School with Braces

kids back to school

You got braces over the summer – and that’s awesome! Nearly everyone has braces at some point, and now you’re part of the club. But is there anything you need to know about going back to school with braces? We will provide a couple of orthodontist tips to help you navigate this period smoothly.

And Yes! Having braces at school presents a few new challenges, but don’t worry – we’ve put together this handy list so you’ll be prepared!

1. Keep a braces kit in your book bag 

Braces can make it more challenging to keep your teeth clean, and the last thing you want is to have a piece of food stuck under your braces all day after lunch! Go pick out a cute cosmetics bag or pencil pouch and fill it with a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and a dental pick. That way, you can run to the restroom after lunch to check your teeth and address any leftover debris right away.

You’ll also want to pack lip balm and dental wax in your braces kit. The dental wax will come in handy if you get an irritated spot inside your mouth from your brackets. And the lip balm will help keep you from snagging a lip on your brackets at school.

2. Pack braces-friendly snacks 

Certain crunchy or sticky foods are off limits for people who wear braces (just for the time you’re wearing braces – not forever!) This is because crunchy or sticky foods can accidentally dislodge a bracket from your teeth and make it necessary to come to see us so we can reattach it.

Make sure the foods you bring for snacks are braces-friendly, like bananas, berries, hummus and pitas, nut-free muffins, and yogurt. Avoid snacks like whole apples, carrots, pretzels, and sticky candy.

3. Always have a super cute water bottle 

Staying hydrated is great for your whole body and your teeth too — especially when wearing braces. Flushing your mouth with water after eating is a great alternative if you don’t have time to go brush your teeth. This will help keep food particles from getting stuck in your braces and prevent cavities and bad breath.

4. Keep a little mirror in your book bag 

Need a sneak peek to make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth? It’s easy when you keep a small mirror in your purse or book bag. You can find small, foldable mirrors that will be safe to carry around with you in the cosmetics section of your local Walmart or Target.

5. Love sports? Get a mouthguard. 

Whether you’re playing basketball in gym class or suiting up for a match with your wrestling team, a mouthguard helps prevent serious injury. Braces brackets can cause serious painful damage if you get hit in the mouth with a ball or by another player while playing sports. A mouthguard adds a layer of protection between your lips and braces that helps keep you safe.

Want to know more about taking care of your braces at school? 

Give Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists a call today. We’re happy to answer all your questions and help you feel confident and in control of your braces at school!

Also don’t forget that investing in braces can contribute to saving on dental costs in the long-term perspective.