Dentist with patient


The Stress of Teeth-grinding (Bruxism)

  You walk past your pre-teen’s room and hear an unusual noise. You step closer to the door and listen more carefully: It’s a grinding or clenching sound, like a machine is working overtime in your child’s mouth. What’s going on, and why might it cause orthodontic problems as your child grows older? A stressful […]

Is it safe to go to the orthodontist during COVID?

We’re open again! Shutting down our orthodontic offices for COVID was necessary to keep our staff and patients safe, but we sure did miss seeing all of your smiling faces in the office. Now that we’re taking patients again, many people are asking “Is it safe to go to the orthodontist during COVID?” So we […]

How Long Will My Child Wear Braces?

Your child will go through lots of smiles before they reach adulthood. From the gummy grin of babyhood to the snaggle-toothed elementary years and now, it’s time for braces. How the time has flown! Nearly 4 million kids and teens start orthodontic treatment every year. For most kids, that means braces. Getting braces is a […]

Top 4 Ways to Help Your Children Take Care of Their Teeth

Oral health begins at a young age and carries with us into adulthood. When it comes to educating kids about their teeth, the struggle comes with kids understanding the importance of taking special care of their teeth and how their oral health affects them in the long run! When it comes to educating and taking […]

The Benefits of Fluoride

Over the years, there’s been debates over the need and effectiveness of fluoride. While some choose to avoid it, others see the benefits. A few common, and disproven, myths include fluoride not being natural, reducing children’s test scores, and fluoride causing cancer. Of course, these simply are not true.   In fact, this mineral is […]