How having braces does more than improve your lookswoman with braces smiling

No doubt about it, a great smile ups the beauty quotient of any face. And when parents start considering getting braces for their kids, a confident smile is one of the first things they think about. After all, what parent doesn’t want to give their child all the benefits they possibly can in the pursuit of a happy life?

But there are so many benefits to having braces that go beyond loving what you see in the mirror. In fact, having braces can actually improve not only the health but also the financial picture of your child in adulthood. Yes, you read that correctly! These remarkable advantages, which include considering braces as an adult, transform braces into more than just an investment in appearance; they become an investment in your child’s

Braces help keep your child’s teeth healthy

Straight teeth are just easier to take care of. When teeth are properly aligned, they’re easier to brush and floss, so bacteria have less chance of hiding in the nooks and crannies created by crooked teeth and causing cavities and gum disease.

Braces can help your child live longer 

Like we said above, it’s easier to keep straight teeth clean and healthy. And when teeth are clean and healthy, there is less of a chance of developing  gum disease, also known as periodontitis. Periodontitis has been linked to an early death, especially for women.

Straight teeth can prevent digestive and nutritional issues

Chewing properly just doesn’t get the attention it deserves. When we chew our food well, we send signals to our stomach that food is coming, so it can get ready for the digestive process. This aids in healthy digestion and helps to prevent stomach upset. Straight teeth help this process. If teeth are so out of alignment that it affects the ability to chew, food can enter the stomach in larger chunks, which can lead to stomach troubles as well as make it harder for our bodies to absorb the nutrients we need from our food.

Teeth last longer when they’re straight 

When teeth are in their correct positions, they’re more likely to wear and take pressure evenly. That means that teeth will wear, through the normal process of aging, the way nature actually intended. That means they last longer.

When the teeth wear unevenly because of poor alignment, that wear can lead to chipped teeth, broken teeth, tooth pain, bite and jaw issues, and more. Pressure injuries, such as those incurred by clenching your teeth or from sports injuries, are less likely to damage the teeth when the pressure put on them is evenly spaced, rather than on a single point that’s caused by uneven wear on the teeth.

Straight teeth save money in the long run 

Because of all the reasons listed above, investing in braces now can save your child thousands of dollars in dentist visits and tooth repair over a lifetime. That’s money that can be saved to buy a home, pay off student loans, or send their own children – your grandchildren – to college!

Ready to set your child up for a lifetime of healthy smiles?

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