What is theWay to Never Lose Your Retainer Again

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It’s every teen’s nightmare – losing their retainer and dealing with the wrath of mom and dad when they find out they have to buy a new one! If you want to stay in your parents’ good graces and avoid a lecture about “being responsible,” (ugh, the worst), get proactive with these tips and never lose your retainer again!

  1. Set a reminder on your phone to put your retainer back in at the end of lunchtime at school.
  2. Get a retainer case that’s big, bright and colorful – so you simply can’t overlook it and leave it somewhere!
  3. Always carry your retainer case with you wherever you go. It’s just too easy to forget a clear retainer on a lunch tray or food court plate. If your retainer isn’t in your mouth, it needs to be in its case – period.
  4. Keep your retainer case in your lunchbox so you pull it out at the same time your pull out your lunch.
  5. Think of putting your retainer back in as part of your meal routine. Eat, brush, retainer. The more you think of these three steps together, the more your brain will naturally help you remember to put your retainer back in instead of leaving it somewhere.
  6. Put your name on your retainer case. If you forget it somewhere, it may still come back to you!
  7. Decorate your retainer case with your favorite colors, characters, musicians, stickers … whatever you love! You’re more likely to keep up with it if you feel a connection to the case because it represents who you are!
  8. Set a reminder on your phone to put in your retainer before bed.
  9. NEVER put your retainer in a napkin. Napkins are too easy to throw away!
  10. Ask your parents to have the lab that makes your retainer put your name and phone number right into the plastic of the retainer itself! Yes, they can do that!
  11. Keep it away from your dog! Your dog loves your scent. That’s why he chews on your shoes and lays on the dirty clothes you’ve got piled next to your bed (don’t worry, we won’t tell mom). And guess what – they love to chew up retainers for the same reason. Keep yours in your case and out of reach of your dog.
  12. Same goes for toddler brothers and sisters. A shiny retainer looks like a toy to a little kid, so make sure your siblings can’t get to yours.
  13. Never keep your retainer in your pocket. ALWAYS put it in the case. Lost retainers that have fallen out of pockets are big business for us. Don’t let it happen to you!
  14. Attach your retainer case to your book bag with a lanyard so even if it does fall out, it won’t get lost!
  15. Get a hard-to-open retainer case. This helps protect your retainer from prying little fingers of your brothers and sisters, and it also helps keep it closed so it doesn’t fall out and get lost.
  16. Ask your parents how much a retainer costs. Sometimes knowing how expensive a retainer is can encourage you to keep up with it.
  17. Always keeps your retainer and case in the same spot every time you take it out. On the right side of the sink when you brush at home or at school, on the left side of your plate whenever you eat. Habits get results!